Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Those people"

We all know about those kinds of people.  The ones that tell you something about what they think about you but really it is them that has the problem.  For example I had a group of people that would not leave me alone yesterday that told me that I was annoying and I was ugly.  Here is the funny part The person that told me I was annoying would not leave me alone at all even when I told her I don't care, I don't like you, go away blah blah blah blah blah!  Also the on that told me I am ugly is short, fat, 1/2 in. thick glasses, pimples, And freckles everywhere.  All of those things together don't exactly make you pretty.  Anyways now they say they try to avoid me but they just come up to me on occasion and try to start a fight or try and bump into me or come up to me and say they hate me.  If you really wanted to avoid me don't even look at me.  Anyways I get to shadow at C.C. and F.G.R. soon I don't know exactly when but soon I know that.  Stay safe and I don't know if I will be able to put post up for the next few days.  

Monday, October 25, 2010

High School

So tonight is this event at our school we have every year for the high schools to come out and give us info about their school and why we should go there.  We get to pick three high schools to see their presentation which I don't understand why we don't have more time.  Last year we had this girl named Elenor ugh she still goes to our school.  Words can't describe how annoying and sheltered she is!  For example she

  • Is 14 and can only watch G rated movies
  • can't watch Disney channel (P.S. I hate Disney because it is so censored)
  • Is obsessed I mean Obsessed with big cats (tigers, lions, cheetahs, ect..)
  • She thinks she can turn into a tiger NO JOKE!
  • she cannot go online not even for reports
  • Worst of all she is obsessed with me also
And how do I know this well
  • She took 60 pictures of me on the bus in 5 minutes when I wasn't looking and she told me and showed me all of them
  • She admitted that she spies on me when I'm not looking.  She also keeps count 53 times a day to be exact
  • Finally she always tries to sit by me all the time!
I think that this is enough evidence to back up my theory.  Anyways I have gotten way off topic.  She was looking into a school called Ladywood it is an all girls school, very good.  Her parents think that it teaches against chastity and other virtues because the girl attending school there at the speech was wearing mascara and lip gloss.  Now really let's think about how this is bad...... O wait IT ISN'T!  So that is an Idea of what she is like.  Their are so many stories about her!  Anyways I am looking at two schools Catholic Central and Gabriel Richard.  Actually we are looking at three schools but the third one is one that a friend of ours wants us to look into.  We will never go there and finally I'll post more info about high schools when I get back.  Stay Safe!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


To start things off the conformation thing was not that bad!  I got to see a lot of old friends and regain connections.  I didn't see anyone I disliked even Katrina, Kalie, Alyce, Amy and Jordan.  I saw a lot of Nice friendly people.  So I have to go still have a ton of stuff to do.  Finally Monday I'll have lots more to talk about then.  Stay safe. Bye!


I really don't like it when my mom volunteers my to do every friken thing under the sun.  Saturday night she volunteered me to read this stupid thing in front of the cross country team for the coaches.  We had our end of the year banquet so I had to help coordinate the whole thing.  Now she volunteered me to go help with the conformation candidates from last years 8th grade and serve them milk and cookies today after their conformation.  The reason this is bad is because last years 8th grade was an interesting group of people.  I swear I could write a pretty good book on what happened to me in 7th grade between the 8th grade and me.  Some of them are so annoying, rude, and stuck up.  Their is like 5 that I am okay with out of 72.  So the people that I didn't like for that whole year now I have to serve them.  Yeah!  However I do get to see the people that I did like and haven't seen since then.  Like Mary, she is awesome, and Becky, and Cecil.  John is okay I never really talked to him but he is okay when he is not trying to be what other people want him to be.  But then there is Amy, Jordan, Katrina, Kalie, and the worst of all Alyce.  Now that is an interesting story.  I'll try and get it up if I want to later but they really are the worst.  Alyce goes to different schools everyday to see all her different "boyfriends" and gets "paid" also did I mention she is 14 and she is doing this stuff.  Plus she is annoying as heck.  She sits their in your face and laughs like hahahahahha in a super high pitched voice.  Anyways wish me luck. I'll need it!
Stay Safe an I'll try an get that story up soon if I have time.  Bye!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Little about me

Just thought I put a bit more about me on here.  I am getting braces in a month!  Haven't figured out if I should be happy or sad yet.  I hear it is fun to match the colors with the holidays or just do whatever color you want. Three words my friends use to describe me are Loud, Fun, and Random, witch I don't take these as insults but I take them more as complements.  I am a cheerful fun person and yeah!  So I'm really excited about this blog so please follow me!  Once Monday starts I can actually get more interesting stuff on here it is just nothing super cool happens to me on the weekend.  Any good blogs out there please let me know. I'm looking for some good ones to read.  Bye! ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Starter Story

I'm standing in line with my paper due for health and fitness( how I got in this class I don't know, I never thought of myself as super athletic or populiar. I'm just a person.) and I'm talking to my friend about how I can wait for High School and leave all these "wonderful people" at Our Lady of Good Counsel School.  I am a 8th grader at Our Lady of Good Counsel School and this is about my life as I see it.  Not my friends, not the Jocks, not the cheerleaders, Me!  This is my story and I'll tell you as much as I can.  However I will not use real names of people for Identity Problems.  A little Background info on me is My two best friends are Jessica and Ally.  They keep my grounded and I wouldn't be here without them.  I am going to attend Catholic Central High School, and to start this off I am not super religious.  But I still love my school no matter how much I say I hate it.  It's just some of the people you know what I mean.  So this is me and I promise as I go on with blogs they will get more interesting than this one.  It is a starter story we got to start somewhere.  So yeah this is my life and hope to share more stories.
P.S. all of the things I post are true some may be hard to believe but they are all true. Bye see you soon!