Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ass holes and prissy rich kids

Okay!! I know I've said before (at least to myself anyways) that I would not talk about other people badly but I swear to fucking God this is just enough!! I am so annoyed with dealing with prissy white rid kids all the time. Like this bitch wears $25,000 worth of jewelry!!! Mother of Jesus really? I don't know most people who spend more than that on a car let alone jewelry! I mean come on grow the hell up!!! Also to make things worse is that they only do things to show off and shit like that!! Not to mention that I'm a very liberal half-jew going to a private school I think I'm a little outcasted!! Maybe just a little who knows! -_-  anyways i need to start making videos of myself and posting them!! I could be the next jena fucking marbles and stuff but i guess not for now! That doesn't look nice on a collage application :) see Im a good little boy! 0:| rusty halo and all! anyways keep safe and in touch!

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