Sunday, June 19, 2011


I love Music! I have a new fav singer too! (Lady GaGa will always be my fav but she cant be compared to ne1 else) but I LOVE AMY WINEHOUSE!!! SHE IS SO GOOD!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Most of the people I know would say religion is a very diverse, interesting, in-depth, and rebellious topic for me to talk about. I have also been made fun of or harassed on this topic. Since I have strong oppositions to the Catholic faith it is difficult for me to hold my peace being at a catholic school. Now let me just say I have and never will lose my faith in God and Jesus I disagree with what man says he teaches and wants us to do. Some books of the bible have teachings in them that I oppose strongly this is not me disagreeing with God but me disagreeing with man. The Bible is God giving man a vision of what he wants to say every man interprets things differently who's to say the men who wrote the Bible didn't do the same. Now I still believe in a majority of the Bible but when it says if I cut my hair, breed animals, wear two types of fabric, or plant two plants on the same ground I think that is crazy! Also their are many books that are not in the Bible that were written by prophets now who chooses the books of the Bible? Man! So some might call me a blasphemous person because I think I have it all figured out. I don't think that at all. In fact the only one that I do believe has it all figured out is God. So some might say I am not a religious person and that I am a sinner and go against God. However being religious is doing what God wants us to do and trusting in HIM, not a religion I mean HIM, I do everything he wants me to do and I have deep faith in GOD! So to all those people who say I'm a sinner or a unreligious person I am very religious! Just in my own personal way with God!