Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am SOOO tired this week! So finals start tomarow, right? So this WHOLE week I have been studying and crashing and just out of my mind busy and tired from studying and all sorts of stuff. At our school we have these study days were we have a half day and we study whatever we need to the last half of the day because the teachers are there and so forth and some people STILL just screw off and do nothing!!! I mean seriously that is just ridiculous!!! I'm not trying to be a goodie-good or anything its just that that is a REALLY REALLY STUPID MOVE!!!! However we are going to go to our beach house we rent out every year in Florida in panama city beach!!! I LOVE IT THERE SO MUCH!!! I'm really excited to be going back there again for the FOURTH time!!! Anyways I have to go study for finals now and i'll see all you later!!! stay safe and happy... and study!!! ;D

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