Monday, December 27, 2010


OHH MY GOD! were to begin! sorry i haven't been posting lately i've been supper busy.  So i will just touch on the things i did since last post i made up with those people on the last post and we are really good friends! I lost a good friend :(. I got braces!!! :( I had two poking wires. I took the high school placement test.  I got back in touch with an old friend. I went to disney world orlando.  I got a ton of wii games for xmas. I got back on my skype and i got to get an old friend back on there.  I'm getting the high school aceptance letter in soon. Cross your fingers!  I am going to get my braces tightened soon!!! :( Omg I HATE BRACES SOOO MUCH!!!!!! I WANT THEM TO COME OFF SOO BAD!!!! We also had our school winter dance! I had the olv dance! THERE IS SOOO MUCH MORE TO TALK ABOUT!  so that just a touch up on the last two months. btw check out my bestfriends' blog
 thanks and see you soon!!!